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Summer 2012
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Wednesday, November 30, 2005

Did you read this article?

Yesterday's paper, which I actually read (been either too sick or busy to do this as of late) has the most interesting articles inside. The first one was from the AP out of London regarding how Christmas has gotten WAY too secular over there. Someone had to make a movie to distribute to the neighborhoods to educate them on who Jesus was due to a kid actually asking why Mary named her kid after a swear word.


So, now there's a backlash and people are sick of this "non-holiday" stuff. Finally.

Anyhow, there's another story in the paper about a girl from Montreal who kissed her boyfriend after he finished a peanut snack and DIED from the reaction. Talk about severe peanut allergies. I had an allergy like that when I was younger but the worst that ever got was looking like a deformed Angelina Jolie (the lips swelled up to mega size!) upon eating peanuts or nuts of any variety.

Oh, and I did read the REAL news too, but can't recall anything from my flu-y-ness still going on.

Sunday, November 27, 2005

Name the SUV contest

Ta da! And just like that, I'm driving Grandpa's Ford Explorer. He's been gracious enough to allow me to drive this bad boy around for my job and figure out if I like it or not to keep it at a later date.

So, now, JP and I are trying to name it. We keep calling it "Grandpa's Car" which is correct, but we need a faster and shorter name. JP likes the name "Stripes" because he just watched "Racing Stripes" but the SUV is not striped in the least. It's actually a tan colour. The colour I like besides that silvery colour that cars sport nowadays.

You'd think I'd like something more flashy, but I really like the neutral tone of this car.

So, what should I call it? As I mentioned to Issac on the last post (messages section) that it's kinda a family tradition to name the cars we have. We've even had some pretty weird names for our cats too - my last cat was "Hollywood" because we couldn't figure out if it was a he or she (he's a boy). Well, really, OUR last cat was named by the local teens at the church - and that poor cat was called "Bob" - she didn't like it.

For an artist, I'm not that creative when it comes to names. So, it cannot be a Christian name, but can be a funny or strange name, but it has to be SHORT and easy to remember. Irene has named her navigation system in her super mini van Miranda because 'she' sounds like a Miranda. I thought that worked. I'm not a good person when it comes to names for things.

No, 'Knitster' is not appropriate for a car. This is a boy car - very tomboy. That's the SUV vibe from this one - of course, with a 'K1P2" bumper sticker on the back. LOL!

Now, my mother in law's car, the smaller SUV version of this same vehicle, is the 'sportier' and more 'girl friendly' vehicle by a long shot. Smaller, and more petite, more curved than the beast I have. So, no fluffy names. Now, this is a contest, but I don't know what the 'award' would be if I chose your name. Hmmm. I'll have to be creative with that one.

Just having this vehicle takes off about 75% of my stress just knowing that my schedule will be more workable with two cars.

Sorry Issac! I just fell in love with this job - and it happened to demand that we have vehicle number two.

I do feel a lot safer in this bad boy - not to mention higher up on the road. When you're on the freeway driving, this is a plus.

Oh, and what of my father in law and his new vehicle? What will the poor dear drive? Yeah, well, don't feel too bad for the chap, he roared home with a new Mustang convertable in that eye catching red berry colour. JP was confused when we went home from Grandpa's house because he thought the red car was OURS. LOL!

Yeah, RIGHT!

Also, the job TOTALLY ROCKS and is a workout for me without killing me (thank GOD). Thanks again to all for your encouragement and prayers for this 'MOM" trying to get back into the workforce. The funny thing was that I was my own worst enemy with that one. But I'm sure you all know that. I'm just slow when it comes to figuring it out. That's why I've got a tight circle of friends - nobody else can be that patient! God Bless you all! I become official (meaning real pay!!!) starting on Thursday - benefits to begin the first of the year! Thanks be to God!

Here's hoping y'all had a great Turkey Day and didn't get incredibly SICK like JP and I did over the holiday. Some awful virus just really took us out for at least 48 hours. God bless my in laws and my hubby for putting up with us - we were CRANKY and not very, well, lovely to be with.

Thanks, everyone!!!

Wednesday, November 23, 2005

Much to be thankful for this season...

...a new job that soooooo ROCKS - a great boss who I am friends with - wonderful times with my family at home doing family stuff -- getting a cut out cardboard leaf with the message "I am thankful for: Mom and Dad" from my four year old son (and he did one saying he was thankful for toys balance it out I guess)...for a cute husband that keeps me from running on empty...for my lovely friend in Chicago that just sent me photos of my godson (too cute!)...for chocolate...all things chocolate...for direct deposit...for that additional hour of sleep...for the turkey we'll be chowing down on tomorrow...and to my father in law for a rather cool Turkey Day gift to me (Issac won't like it one bit!).

There is much more that I'm thankful for today and this season, and things keep getting better for us...we are truly blessed and God is helping us despite our well intentioned efforts that make us stressed for no reason.

Thanks also to the Theotokos - she always has her hand on me showing me where to look and what direction to go in when I'm not going towards Christ.


Have a great turkey day and give those family members a big hug when you see them this year at Thanksgiving!

Wednesday, November 16, 2005

I knit therefore I AM! Darn it!

LOVE to knit, don't love what becomes of my hands and nails when I knit. They're all torn up. I'm a fast and furious knitter. What my hubby does with words and critical thinking is what I do with knitting! Watch out, there's a fire starting on the couch in Nino's hands! LOL!

I knit a special nap time blanket for my godson - my Irish cute godson who I think needs a cute knitted something from his godmommy. I'm in the middle of a huge, thick dark green blanket for my hubby who needs something like this very badly. Then there's Irene's stylish wrap-French thing that I can't spell that I knit (very spider webby, very hip) that I finally completed for her birthday. Then, of course, are the many MANY other projects just waiting to be picked up again.


Whatever you do, don't encourage me to buy more yarn!!! Please!!!! I could clothe a third world country with this stuff right NOW...

...and yes, my hubby's blog is now gone - I will fix the link soon. Who should I put there?

In other news, I'm inching closer to my official start date - before the end of the month - to get my benefits sooner than later. Yay! The process begins this Friday with the physical. I hear it's like a workout at the gym.

Better prepare.

Oh, today we get the turkey for JP's class - they're having a cute party for turkey day soon and we need to cook this sucker. Hopefully I can go to the party and take photos!

Tonight I'm with Konstantine (the grandpa) and asking for prayers for him and our mutual friend Mandy, who does my hair so well. She's not a happy camper right now.

Gotta jet! Keep knitting!

Tuesday, November 15, 2005


Two very cute guys in my life...

Monday's Birthday was for Patrick, the red haired Godson that I miss a LOT
Tuesday's Birthday is for my hubby, the tall, dark and handsome guy that I love!

So, happy birthday to both of these guys and an additional Happy Name Day to CP (Sunday) was his day - St. John Chrystostom.

In honor of his birthday and his name day, JP and I decided to get him a Looney Tunes balloon and a nice Fall coloured plant of Mums (get what they're short for?). He said he's never gotten flowers at work before! It seemed like he was most happy this morning when his son woke up next to him and opened his eyes - the first thing out of JP's mouth was "Happy Birthday Daddy!"! Now that's a cute gift!

Tonight JP and I are going to make a cheesecake and JP wants to decorate with candles. He's really looking forward to doing something nice for Daddy's birthday. So cute.

As for my Godson, JP and I wrapped up a cute birthday box for him - and it's going out in the mail today (for some reason I thought his birthday was today!!!). Too many special days this month.

CP's mom's birthday was LAST WEEK - and our family is celebrating all that on Saturday. Too much to remember, so I need to jot this all down in a new day planner or something.

Oh, and just in case y'all were wondering, the job was officially offered to me last night - now we're waiting for the paperwork to go through - nothing I haven't done before - think HP. That took like two months. This will take a week or so.


We have a lot to be thankful for this Thanksgiving! What are YOU thankful for today?

Thursday, November 10, 2005

Election Day and Measure M

As I left work yesterday in my antibiotic/codene fog, there were two nurses talking about their upcoming vacations to exotic locals. It was lighthearted and fun until one of them brought up the Measure M topic.

Measure M in California was the initiative/proposition to have parents or guardians notified when a young MINOR girl decides to have an abortion. It was defeated by a margin of 52.6 percent to 42.4 percent that night.

Thinking that their abortion 'rights' were gonna be next, it seems like we had a scare machine going when it came to opposing this measure and came out against the notifying of a minor girls' parents more than I thought it would.

Well, this IS California - you know, with Arnold as the Governator! LOL!

Anyhow, one of these two women said to the other "Please tell me you didn't vote for that Measure M!" - to which the other lady replies "Well, I did, I'm not into abortion." God forbid you tell people where you stand or how you voted! The first lady began to lecture the second lady on what it's like to be pregnant and not want it...and then asked "Well, have you ever been in that position? Have you??" to which the second lady says "No, I've never been pregnant - or married."

It seemed that the first lady who was totally for murdering children because it didn't fit into her lifestyle just went off on her 'friend' from work on how she voted and what she believed in.

Trust me, I almost wanted to jump in and defend the lady I agreed with, but it seemed that the first lady was out for blood on her soap box and I wasn't in the mood for boxing - verbal, that is.

I wanted to tell her that, yeah, I've been pregnant and it was a blessing under the cover of many hardships to get there - and yeah, it's HARD to raise a child and yeah, it's terrifying when the nurse suddenly gives you YOUR kid and walks away. But to kill the child due to your screw up? I don't think so.

No, I didn't have a child at an early age, or without a partner or accidentally. I realize sometimes women have children under different circumstances and raise children on their own and it's even more scary when it's done in that fashion - but to 'abort' or simply kill your own child because it's not 'in your life plan?" That I just can't understand.

I have way more respect for those women who tough it out and bear their children (either keeping the child, putting the child up for adoption) instead of taking the barbaric route. Do you know how they abort a fetus? If you don't, you should learn about it. It's worse than any horror film I've ever seen or heard about , trust me.

Of course, when I was a young silly college gal there were times when I heard that a friend thought she was pregnant and we had to go through the wondering 'thing' for a while until she figured out that she wasn't pregnant, and I've also had friends that repeatedly did abortions as if they were getting their teeth cleaned. I thought about their choices and what I would do if I were in that situation and yes, it did look like a tempting offer - but I thought of the eternal implications a lot and what it would do to me emotionally - in the future - when or if I ever had kids.

The ironic thing was that when CP and I decided to have a child one day - it wasn't all that easy with the Endo I have. I was losing pregnancies left and right. It took a considerable toll on my body and THAT WAS NATURAL - THERE WASN'T ANYTHING I COULD DO ABOUT THOSE - but pray for them all. They all had souls no matter how small they were - a powerful voice in front of the throne of God. I went through tremendous pain over those - and thought to myself "how can women elect to do this with machines?"

So, now a facet of our lovely abortion laws died last night thanks to those who just are scared that they are 'losing' their rights. What about their unborn child's rights? Doesn't that count for anything? Well, not YET it doesn't - they just don't realize it yet.

May God have mercy on all of us for the freedom to do some terrible things.

Okay, off my soap box for the evening!

Wednesday, November 09, 2005

What is a prioress? Sounds weird...

Got this from Issac's site - it's who I would be if I were alive in the 1400 AD...I was hoping for something like Lady or Princess of the Shopping Mall, but then again, that wouldn't exist back then. Sigh. Not a good time for a gal like me.

The Prioress
You scored 23% Cardinal, 51% Monk, 55% Lady, and 37% Knight!
You are a moral person and are also highly intellectual. You like your solitude but are also kind and helpful to those around you. Guided by a belief in the goodness of mankind you will likely be christened a saint after your life is over. (wow, and I didn't even pay them to write that! LOL!)

You scored high as both the Lady and the Monk. You can try again to get a more precise description of either the Monk or the lady, or you can be happy that you're an individual.

My test tracked 4 variables How you compared to other people your age and gender:

You scored higher than 22% on Cardinal

You scored higher than 70% on Monk

You scored higher than 88% on Lady

You scored higher than 20% on Knight
If you liked my test, send it to your friends!

The Who Would You Be in 1400 AD Test

Take the test and tell me who you are. I'm taking it again to get a Princess label.

Sunday, November 06, 2005

When your kid has an ear infection... nice to the poor dear! This ear infection that I have (at 34 not 3) is just awful. I'm so tired and flu-like at time that it's just unreal. The last time I had a real ear infection was sometime in High School, but I caught it early and it wasn't that big of an infection - however, the doctors were still passing out antibiotics like candy at Halloween, so I never really had to deal with it full blown.

OW! Or, maybe it's just because I'm too much of a big baby to deal with it anymore. LOL! The good news is that, as of this typing, our son has NEVER had an ear infection THANK GOD! He was blessed with really really good ears and a great immune system apparently. I do believe the breast feeding had something to do with it, so I have to credit that too. Growing up with an ear infection every month just wasn't my idea of fun as a kid. It must be said that I did a LOT of swimming as a child, so we have to thank Mr. Swimmers Ear before it turned into a full blown infection.

Interesting enough, my siblings had ear infections a lot as well. Hmmm. We were not breast fed either. We have allergy problems and get sick more than 'normal' folks do - at least from what I've seen. It got better as we got older, so not sure if it's just genetics (albeit poor ones) or really something in that breast milk that God so wonderfully created.

I'll be going to work tomorrow due to a project that I must get out the door, and if I need to come home early, my boss is a nurse, she can help me with my decision I'm sure. If it's just that I need some rest, well, we have a couch in the office I can rest on.

Such an awesome office. I'm taking photos and finding a computer strong enough to load them for y'all.

Upcoming events - CP's birthday and name day, but right between those dates, my godson's birthday. Aw! He's just so darn cute. I want to load up his photo so you see his curly red hair and how much he loves his Chicago White Sox! He's also so big -- our 'babies' just ain't little anymore. It DOES go by quickly as they all say the day you bring your bundle of colicky joy home, minus 48 hours of sleep already.

But who's really counting? Isn't there eye cream for those black circles? No, sorry, those are genetic too. So, I'm thankful that JP got his daddy's genes when it comes to not being sick. Somewhere in that family they are healthy as children, so that's what I'm happy about.

So, when your child gets tired, cranky, pushy and generally overloaded and seems to be holding his or her little ear, be nice, it's probably an ear infection. And those things aren't fun.

Saturday, November 05, 2005

Here's where my paintings come in...

Okay, we all know that I love my new job (almost totally official - long boring temporary/contract buy out story) and we know that I knit and paint...but haven't been doing much painting this half of the year. So, I showed my new boss my art website (that I really REALLY need to update) and she said to let her know how much duplicates cost from the lab (on canvas or other) with mats and frames and they'll buy them for her office and the hospital hallway at the urgent care clinic that we work at.

They've got Sierra Club posters in nice frames that have been there FOREVER and need to go - and a lot of blank walls or older looking 'Thomas Kinkade' posters in frames that I really loathe.

So, it's the job with the sidejob! LOL! Also, I've still got a backlog of paintings to do, at least 5 jobs that I haven't finished yet - so this should get me going again.

I had to bow out of work on Friday due to feeling like crap - apparently I have an ear infection and a sinus infection - my body was fighting it off all week - which I think is great progress for my immune system. Remember, I had the appendix taken out and man, did that make all the difference with my health. I'm getting better, but now on antibiotics. Ugh! Hate those things, but they are needed.

Did I say that I LOVE my job? Because in case you didn't know...I do!

I'm still in the learning and re-organizing everything mode and will be for at least another month, but that's normal. It's nice having a job where I don't feel so overwhelmed and where to boss doesn't expect the world from me all the time. I do my best and am appreciated. So refreshing!

Also, I signed up to be a volunteer with the whole organization - knitting things for cancer patients (hats and scarves), blankets for babies, blankets and warm things for the elderly and those who are re-habing...there's a lot of other things that I could volunteer for, but I think I'll start there. I've always liked doing things for others, but know there's a limit this time. I'm only one person!

Today I am resting up, hanging out with Justin who likes to be called JP now (ha ha!) and cleaning up my messy house. Yeah, it's actually messy due to me working again. None of this OCD stuff anymore. Now I really do need to clean my house once a week, not every ten seconds. See, working is a good thing for me. I've always done it, so not working just makes me depressed and scatterbrained. Very Lucy like or Gracie like as my hubby likes to say.

Now I've gotta get the gym into the schedule somewhere so I can stay healthy. Issac, how do you maintain your health working in a medical environment? I'm curious!

More to come this week! Thanks to all for your prayers. By the by, CP's birthday is coming up on the 15th...make sure you e-mail him a LOT that day!

Tuesday, November 01, 2005

Feeling like a productive member of society again...

...ahhh! So nice to have a job where your boss LOVES you and appreciates what you do. So very nice. The nurse manager that I work for is A) a female and B) thinks like me a lot of the time and C) is a pretty mellow person.

Thank God!

As I was running about today organizing the second office (I now have two offices in two different locations) I thought to myself "wow! I'm really working again - that's what was missing! I feel normal now"...kinda feel grown up too. It's about darn time at age 34. Now I look comfortable in the clothes that I'm wearing - not like I'm playing dress up or 'playing librarian' as I always got teased for (yes, even in the workplace!). Imagine that!

Of course, one of the other jobs finally showed up on the HR site - the other job that I was also waiting for last month - and I must say that the Ambulatory Center site for that job just scares me. I think it's the name. However, I'm staying put at this job due to the great boss that I've got and the fact that the position is being created by me, actually. They made the job, but didn't clearly define it - which makes sense due to the fact that it's a NEW position.

I'm sorting out the offices - one is worse off than the other. One is scheduled for a remodel soon and I have two different staff groups to learn. Well, make that three. The RN's, the LVN's and the Rad Techs (X-ray). Nicest folks on the planet. I can see where their job would be stressful, but they manage so well. I don't think I would manage as well, but they're trained for it.

I'm learning the disaster codes as well. This is so that, like today, when a disaster code is announced by the PBX operator in a cool, soothing voice, I can know what's going on where - as in where to avoid going. Today, the announcer said there was a 100 code going on in the next building. I asked my boss what that was and she says 'oh, that means that they've got a combative situation up front'...casually. My eyes must have been as big as saucers - until she explained that they get that sometimes with the neighboring Psych unit.

Just another day at the office. LOL!

I'm not in the Psych unit, but see enough action on the Urgent Care side. I'm getting used to the babies crying when the doctor touches them - the "who the heck are you and where's my MOMMY" cry...and know to close the door if it bothers me too much. Before I was a mom, that would be just annoying, now it's tugging on my heartstrings and I say 'what's going on with the baby out there?' - the nurses laugh. I'm a rookie.

I get to use my creative juices in the whole office - starting with my desk area - the break/staff room and the waiting room. They need kids stuff. There's nothing out there for the kids. I can't stand that - so I'm bringing some magazines (kid stuff), some colouring books, some smaller toys that I've seen in other waiting rooms that don't have small parts. We have meetings that call for muffins, healthy bagels (the small ones) fruits and juices, and a ton of volunteer services for needy people in the area. We're already gearing up for Christmas 'caring trees' to adopt families in need or elderly folks, caroling in the rehab units, fundraisers for abused and neglected children - and I couldn't be happier.

What I most love about this company - it's so refreshing to open up a company wide e-mail by someone like me who wanted us to know what today is - November 1 - the Day of the Dead - and what the Catholic meaning behind it is - and remembering those who have departed on this day. Prayers, rememberances, poems - in a company email.

My heart just warmed up when I saw that. Helping others, praying and remembering those who came before us and those who are in need right now - that's what the Sisters stood for and why they still exist today. I'd like to meet some of the Sisters and let them know how much their selfless works mean to me. It just charges me up. I feel like my soul has been plugged into a generator or something - so charged up! It's so wonderful.

Me, happy at work?!?!?!?!

God is merciful! Okay, Issac - we've gotta write to each other about working in a Medical setting. You probably know way more than me! Some of this med stuff is so strange! Write me!