Summer 2012

Summer 2012
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Monday, December 27, 2004

Getting ready to pack...

Okay, I HATE moving. Let's clarify this a bit: HATE - LOATHE IT! Today we're packing the second round of stuff and I think we're out of moving boxes already...sigh! I guess having a child will contribute to the 'stuff' one accumulates.

So, my husband's grandmother is out here from Michigan and we have her packing our stuff with us. Poor dear! She's such a good sport about it too!

Now the tricky part - trying to get a hold of the landlord to figure out when I can start bringing stuff over to the new place (in the garage for now) while he's finishing the remodel there.

Happy new year! LOL! What chaos to begin the new year with... for my painting right now - well, it's in a box at the moment. More to come in January when I'm trying dearly to reach a January 10th deadline.

Just call me Drama Gal!

Wednesday, December 22, 2004

A few days before Christmas...

...and all through the house,
not a person was helping with the packing for the big January move....

...Okay, not a poet or songwriter but I have to sing crazy songs like this around the house to get things going a bit! LOL!

Bad news, have NOT painted at ALL since my lovely best friend Irene taught me how to knit. Well, she showed me how to start it and how to do a stitch or two so I could do something. It does take some practice, and I'm not done with my scarf yet. It's been like two days! I guess Rome wasn't built in a day either - right?

Then it's almost Christmas, we have Grandma out here which makes things a lot of fun and really hectic sometimes too. Where to go, what to do, go to the park with the family, picnics, ice skating, etc. Whew! All this and fighting a little virus too. Lovely!

Can't wait for Christmas this year, however! We all bought gifts for my son ONLY - well, maybe some of us broke the rules a bit, but it's OKAY - it's a family portrait that I haven't heard the end of request for all year long. They'll forgive me once they see it. I finally look like a human being again after having my son.

Jabba the Hut I was known as, yes!! Normal now I am!

I'm really hoping to paint again as soon as we move and settle into our new place...I can't wait for that either!

May everyone have a Merry Christmas out in Blogger-ville and may God bless all of you and your families for the coming year!