Summer 2012

Summer 2012
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Wednesday, March 02, 2005

Back to school in the Fall for me!

Due to many changes that have recently happened in the past, oh, week, I have opportunity to take one painting class in the Fall. Can't do this in the Summer because I'll be setting up the studio for the ARTrails walk through in order to be approved for the October showings (two weekends). Doing an art class PLUS everything else I'm doing right now just isn't smart.

So, school will wait until Fall. My favorite teacher - my Maestro - Michael - will be there offering the intermediate class in painting that I'd like to take. However, since I can take the beginning painting class three times, perhaps that would be a better course of action.

We'll see what Michael says. All I know is that I need some direction and some freedom to paint without all these projects hovering over my head. There's the move - we're still unpacking - there's the action packed month we're in now - appointments, classes for our son, art reception and mini showing - I'll be lucky if we can get the garage cleared out and the walls ready to go for my painting area!

In the meantime, my poor canvases with light pencil sketches and photo references attached to them sadly sit in my new garage. They look so forgotten, so sad! All Gesso'd up and nowhere to go!

They certainly could use some colour!

Tuesday, March 01, 2005

...oh, I almost forgot - art showing March/April!

I call this website '...Colours in Acrylic' for a reason, right? LOL!

Starting this weekend, two of my humble little paintings will be up against a bunch of artists for The National Arts Program in Santa Rosa, CA. It's from March 7th through April 29th at three locations citywide.

My art will be at the City Hall Council Chambers at 100 Santa Rosa Avenue and I'm not nervous this time - mostly because the art isn't for sale and the awards (if you get any) are either cash or scholarships for future art classes. Sign me up for those!

I've entered "Bodega Harbour" and "Desert Adobe" - two very different paintings! Bodega is an exploratory type of painting - I'll be recreating that scene in different formats until I get it 'right'. The Desert one is more 'safe' and pleasing to the eye. Too bad I'll have to rip it off my living room wall now that we just put it up!

More to come on this development!

What feminists are missing...

And, YES, I used to be one a LONG LONG TIME AGO - although, after reading Frederica Matthews-Green about that topic I was shocked to learn that I was a very conservative feminist (with a little 'f').

To read some of her stuff, check this link out: -- and hunt for the "Disney Women" article. Man, I can't get enough of that one (that article is towards the bottom of the page).

There's also a good book with "Lions" in the title, but I can't recall the title at 10:30 at night! Anyhow, it was a THINKING book with lots to chew on, hard to get through and worth every minute. Kinda made a lady look at her life and 'beliefs' and say "WHAT? I don't believe THAT do I??"...kinda made me a bit mad too. What WAS I thinking?

However, I believe now that us feminists are missing out on a huge chunk of life. Case in point - when my lovely best friend showed me how to knit - was a wonderful and freeing day. Yeah, I'm not a housekeeper in the traditional way, but KNITTING ROCKS! Knitting blankets, sweaters, fun things, learning new stuff with other ladies - it ROCKS!

I like being an 'old lady'...those women know how to relax, think of others and make a killer pair of socks! I know a wonderful lady who is teaching me the beginning ropes of Quilting...and sewing...and it ROCKS too!

Forget breaking the 'glass ceiling' - what do you have to show for it? A bad dye job, bags under your eyes and your new car? Whatever! Give me a pair of circular needles and some yummy coloured yarn any day of the week.

I'm not saying ladies need to be barefoot, pregnant and knitting or something - (pregnancy was NOT my finest moment - all ten months of it!), but there is something so freeing about knitting something FOR someone - or yourself.

Now THAT'S empowering -- but Frederica says it much better than I ever could. Check her out and ROCK ON FELLOW KNITTERS!