Summer 2012

Summer 2012
BibeauArt of Santa Rosa

Saturday, February 05, 2011

NEW links for you!

New webbie page and sign up page for local chickie poos!
Get to the page and sign up - we'll be announcing the Spring NORCAL Chicky Poo TOUR of SOCO - kinda like the bike tour of California (Amgen or something) but way more girly.  There may be some crashing into each other as we run to the awesome red dress on the sale rack, but other than that, it's nothing really like the bike tour!  He he!

Currently, me and my Chicky Poo Chicks, Astrid and Amberino are launching the website, getting sponsors for the new shopping (recyclable) bags and the silicone cool wristbands with our logo on them (all red of course).  I'm researching the coolest and the best consignment stores with the best store owners who are allowing major discounts for OUR LITTLE TOUR weekends this Spring!

We also have some coffee spots and eateries who want to serve us Chicky Poo special drinks and lunch specials - no chain stores, all LOCAL stuff.

Working with local studios for an 'eye and lip' spruce up during our shopping trip with discounts at their locations's gonna be a day or two FOR YOU to spring into Spring 2011 and get your glam on!

Mom Jeans?  Fugly shoe issues?  Wear the wrong bra?  Do you live in your sweats?  No problem, after you come on a tour with us this Spring, that will all change once you get the fashion 'bug'.

Our most recent 'swap' went really well and the leftover clothing (which was faboo, clean and nicely folded up by size and item type by my volunteers (thank you ladies!!!!) will be going to the local women's shelter called 'The Living Room' that we all adore.  Girl power!

In the meantime, I'm also looking for a good place for a pink, blue and green wig - like Katy Perry's - for our TOURS.  This way, our Chicky Poo Fashionistas will be easily spotted doing our tours with the groups and, well, we love Perry, so it's a benefit.  Sparkly Chicky Poo shirts are being designed for the event and interviews in local publications are forthcoming.

Busy little Chicky Poo!

Tuesday, February 01, 2011

Winter 2011 Clothing Swappie Poo!

The racks as we started up...

The tables on one side of the room...

A table at the end of the evening - maxed out!

Girls just want more clothes!

Silly me at the end of a swap - I try everything on at once but did take that sparkle dress for date nite!