Summer 2012

Summer 2012
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Monday, February 28, 2005


...well, it's in Germany, but there will be a lot of good information coming out of this conference on Endo.

Saturday, February 26, 2005

No such thing as a Dyslexic Knitters Group!!

What are people thinking? I searched on line for something to do with Dyslexia and knitting and so far have come up empty handed.


I think this is a HUGE problem (because I have it!! LOL!) that needs to be addressed. Here's my thoughts on the group. We knit, we don't notice each others mistakes, when the sweater or thing we're making is totally tiny, we can all laugh! Oh, and don't forget the mochas! We cannot talk or have TV or music on, for that would really mess us up.

Sounds like a great group, eh?

...and thanks to Craig's list, I scored on a metal easel for my soon to be mini studio/work area - for $8!! SO LOVE Craig's List!!! The lady who was selling it took ONE community college class and I don't know WHO she had as a teacher, but it discouraged her to the point of selling a $50-$80 easel for $8. That's sad, because that happened to me and I WAS an artist (well, we're talking in my first year of college).

I would love to be an art teacher - even on a temp basis (they have little studios for children here in my area...hmmmm) to encourage kids to express themselves with all forms of art. I guess it's trying to make up for what I lacked actually having some art 'gift' and no proper steering or support from school teachers or even family.

But not really - there's a wonderful little group of gals that are just becoming teenagers and for whatever reason, they like hanging out with me. Well, I know the reason - I've got chocolate and ice cream and Jelly Belly stuff here!

Anyhow, their parents know that they are safe and having fun and probably don't know that their kids are talented and afraid to jump into painting, sculpting, drawing, whatever. One of the young gals tried to paint with me and we had a blast! She was a natural and I was shocked to hear that her art teacher really didn't like her stuff and didn't spend time with her, so she gave up.

Homeschooling anyone? LOL!

Okay, so the next time you go to Craig's List - 'cause they ROCK! LOVE YOU CRAIG!!! - go to the groups list and find my new (not real) group!

Thursday, February 24, 2005

The Dyslexic Knitters Group, Santa Rosa Chapter

I just created this group. Right now, today. My friend says I'm a good knitter, but so DYSLEXIC!

Knitting backwards is so not cool...but it's funny! Well, not for me!

So, I'm starting a group. We can knit together in complete silence screwing up our new projects, misreading instructions, doing the wrong math all the time.


And here's a mystery - why is it that they gave us Dyslexic folks such a hard word to type? Now that's cruel! I'm protesting!!!

The studio is forming...

...if only in my dreams...or just my head! No, really, I spent a big ol chunk of the day cleaning out the little garage (boxes, junk and more junk that the former mice tenants of our old place decided to ruin). Anyhow, it's beginning to shape up into something.

I'm getting into the mind set of painting again, getting ready to sign up for a class again to get the creative juices flowing AND getting the design of my studio - working studio- going in my head. Within the week I'll transfer it onto paper and get the supplies and help to come in and make it a reality.

I'm also in the market for a student easel - one of those huge ones that you normally see in an art class in college. I don't want to do the nice steel ones because, well, I like the wood ones. More sturdy and gives me a better feel when I'm painting. Perhaps the local JC will have an old broken one that my woodworking friend can fix for me - of course we'd owe him and his family dinner!

Hmmmm...that's the next project for Spring into Summer. Gotta have it DONE and going before August due to Art Trails coming in the Fall. I AM DOING ART TRAILS, even if it kills me.


In the meantime, I'm having a bit of a health relapse today, so I'm knitting and taking it easy. Man, I really hope I start getting back into the swing of things physically by Summer.

Oh, and I'm a gardening FREAK as well, with at least three projects to do! I can't wait! First project is my lovely best friend's front yard - needs a bit of maintenance and tender love and care and WHAM! she'll have the most AWESOME front yard that we can hang on on the porch over. I can see it now, iced Mochas, knitting and her IPod going...ahh! That's gonna be cool!

Then there's project number two - my "C" shaped backyard. But that may be the last project since the landlord (who ROCKS) will be replacing the old fence with what the front fence looks like - redwood with a trellis topping. Project three is my landlord's front yard. Boy, that needs help, let me tell you.

Now that I think about it, his backyard needs help too. He's tearing down the fence between our yards to replace it - and we've gotta come up with property lines (the less the better on my side, thanks!). He wants some type of nice patio area for his patio furniture and room for 'our' gardening shed that he's gonna get at Home Depot pretty soon. AMEN!

Wow! I've got to start getting the planner updated. Oh, did I mention homeschooling in the above? LOL!

No wonder I'm tired! Just thinking about it poops me out!

Gotta get painting soon! It helps keep my sanity - but for now I'll rest with my knitting!

Wednesday, February 23, 2005

My deep dark secret - U2

Yeah, I'm still in my teens when it comes to the Irish rockers, U2. My best friend Miss Jenn/Irene got me the CD today - now that's a gift of LOVE! I mean, how many friends actually care that I like - no, LOVE this group, and how many friends would actually get it FOR you (and herself of course). That's why she ROCKS!

A bit not happy to hear that Bono is my height. Ugh! That's a turn off - the Tom Cruise syndrome. Yuck! Oh well, still in love with his voice, so that's enough I guess.

Back to this new offering from U2 - keep in mind that I liked OLD U2 stuff, so this album really echoes their talent and OLD style. Thank God they woke up and dropped the 'Zoo' stuff. That was OKAY but man, I was tired of it fast. Never bought the album either.

Heard an offering from "How to Dismantle an Atomic Bomb" before it officially came out on some radio station and was instantly back in love with the group.

Rock on my 'Black Irish' boys!

Sunday, February 20, 2005

A shameless plug..

Gotta check out my friend Jenn's site at '' - and here's hoping that she'll put up her more recent photos of her work. A lot more!

She's having a delightful showing of her children's portraits rightnowthisverysecond at Borders in Santa Rosa. If you're in the area, check it out!

Proving that I'm French...

...In today's SF Chron, there's a writer that did a mini-review of sorts on the book "French Women Don't Get Fat - The secret of eating for pleasure" by Mireille Guiliano. Brilliant! Check this out -

- French Women typically think about good things to eat. American Women typically worry about bad things to eat.
- French Women eat smaller portions of more things (or in my case are too busy blathering on about whatever, so we don't eat as much!!!). American Women eat larger portions of fewer things.
- French Women LOVE bread and would NEVER consider a life without carbs (I mean, what IS the point of eating without them???).
- French Women don't eat anything 'fat free' or 'sugar free' or anything artificially stripped of natural flavor (the horror!!).
- French Women LOVE chocolate - especially the dark slightly bitter silky stuff with it's nutty aroma. (Can I get an AMEN??)
- French Women do stray (okay, I do like TWIX bars), but they always come back, believing there are only detours and no dead ends.
- French Women don't watch much TV. (Too busy shopping!)
- French Women don't have much TV to watch anyways.
- French Women don't care for hard liquor (unless it's a watered down White Russian!)
- French Women do enjoy wine regularly, but with meals and only a glass (so true!!!)
- French Women think dining in is as sexy as dining out (especially if one's hubby is a great chef!)
- French Women walk everywhere they can (well, if they can - not in the country)
- French Women will dress to take out the garbage (you never know). AMEN, sister!
- French Women know one can go far with a great haircut, a bottle of bubbly and a divine perfume (Mandy my hairdresser does the awesome haircut, I love French REAL bubbly OR Korbel Pink, and the best perfume EVER is Chanel #5. Even before it was trendy.)
- French Women eat for pleasure. (oh yeah!!)
- French Women don't diet (oh, heavens NO! We may skip meals, but never diet!)
- French Women Don't Get Fat! (okay, occasionally we do, and we do get bloated, but it's nothing a good scarf can't hide!)

...there - it's the proof that although I'm French Canadian, but the French still shines through!!

For those ladies that don't think they're French, I say that there's a bit in all women! Kinda like everyone being Irish (which I am as well!). I don't like the French politics, but I'll take their fashion and food and style ANYDAY!

Viva la France - and Montreal! God Bless 'em!

Friday, February 18, 2005

We're moved - the SAGA!

Finally! We're in the new place! We feel like we're on vacation and we're gonna need to pack up and leave in a month...LOL! Thank GOD that we're staying.

As usual, it was a royal saga moving and getting into a normal house again. The week of the move - try the day prior to the actual heavy furniture moving and art stuff move - my lovely photography Queen friend, Jenn (or Irene in some circles) showed up at the house with a MOCHA and a pastry treat and a choice - go to Ikea (I LOVE THAT PLACE) or to Stitches - the knitting show of the world.

Hmmm. Hard choice, but I needed a break from house stuff and as much as I ADORE Ikea, I've been there. So, we went to this huge knitting deal way the heck out there in like Santa Clara, California. See, Jenn normally knows when I'm over stressing or becoming way too obsessive compulsive or when I'm totally losing it (or all three at the same time), and knew that this show would soothe the soul.

Man, it rocked! I was physically tired out, my body ached, I still lived in that awful old moldy house and my stuff wasn't packed up entirely in the kitchen and I was stuffed up beyond belief, but those beautiful colours of all that yarn, wool and things I've never seen before just turned on my brain again.

Tons of goregeous hues of any colour you can think of - soft, buttery woolens - just felt like a nice warm blanket around you on a cold Tahoe night. That's how it felt to my brain and my soul. Just wonderful. At one point, I almost cried - I was relaxing so well and I was missing my art and my paints.

But, one thing at a time - I still have a garage to turn into a clearing for my new studio!!!

The funny thing was that I realized that since I moved to Sonoma County, life and people can be a lot different - say in the East Bay or even in Santa Clara. Stressed out females that could be my mother or grandmother bumped into us, were grabbing yarns like they had never seen them before (or were the last skeins on Earth), being rude and leaving young children at tables with strangers (us) without really caring too much.

Things can be different here in SC, maybe a bit granola-y, but I'd rather be here than in the East Bay, let me tell you. Of course, there's more loose places in SC than where we are, and they probably look at us like East Bay folks! LOL!

Anyhow, the move had to continue when I returned, but the kitchen was done thanks to my hubby and a dear friend, Katherine, who was with us the WHOLE MOVE. Someone give her a award or a B&B! She's a good art friend from church and I consider her one of my "Moms" since I kinda lack in that department. She helps and she dictates sometimes, but she's also been there for me when I've had art problems, people problems and spiritual problems. She listens, something I hope to learn someday.

God bless her and Jenn. Wonderful people! Also in that category are my son's Godmother and her family - another 'Mother' I've adopted - that helped out with the move so much that I can't list what they did for me. Literally. I lost track - but not of the MOCHA they brought!!!

Bring me a Mocha and I'm yours for life - or so it seems. LOL!

So, the bottom line was the move wasn't a huge saga really, but I was. All the mold and dust just killed me. Jenn says it looked like I was boxing or something. Not attractive. I couldn't see sunlight very well and my face was raw. I worked all day moving while watching Justin, my very cranky son that still isn't done recovering from the move. Poor dear!

After seeing the doctor and being shot up with all kinds of allergy drugs, well, let's say I came away with a sinus infection, drugs, inhalers, steroids, etc., you name it.

Still recovering, and that's the drama going on really. We were very blessed with Jenn and family feeding us (so good!!!), bringing us cupcakes (Godson!!!), the two other families who fed us during the move and drove me around due to my blindness (allergy blindness!!).

God bless them ALL! Love them!!!

Monday, February 07, 2005

Today we begin to move... the new place! Which is nice because as soon as we begin, we'll be on a roll and hopefully moved in by Thursday. Possibly, anyways. It's not always easy to move during the week, but we'll see what we can do here.

I can't wait to get into the new place so I can get my little studio set up and start painting again. I haven't painted in forever, or so it seems.

I've been getting all the Artist mags in the mail as of late and they all are stressing the Impressionist style again. Hey, I'm 'in style' for now. None of this wacky abstract stuff that I still can't do!

So, I may not be around for the next week and hopefully we'll be able to hook up the computer properly (ugh!) so I can let everyone in on the studio and new works for 2005!

Pray that we move fast and without problems!

Thursday, February 03, 2005

I'm a Blog on 'life support' apparently!

...I linked up to another blog through a quote from my hubby's blog and for some reason looked at the many MANY links this guy had on his site. For some reason, he's got me on his blog listings under "Orthodox Blogs on Life Support".

HUH? I may BE Orthodox, but I certainly never suggested that I had a strong blog, let alone a religious think tank going on here. Weird - one never knows where you'll see your blog listed. Perhaps there's a blog out there with a category like: "Most boring blogs ever" or "Just Boring" -- LOL! I have to laugh because I blog OCCASIONALLY - I do have a life, guys!

Having a three year old son, a hubby, a household and a pending move on the horizon will not allow me to sit in front of the computer and get red irritated eyes. Anyhow, the weather over here has been nice - very nice - as in the 70's!

So, what am I on this thing for anyways today??? Just doing a little rant!

"Life Support" -- whatever!