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Summer 2012
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Friday, April 28, 2006

My husband's new 'girlfriend'...'s proof of the lovebirds at my son's birthday party...we think that when they broke the mold with me (so I've been told) that maybe some of the mold was pieced together somehow to create my little clone...hmmm. I almost was afraid that I had competition...this is how they were for most of the party.

The little cutie kept raising her eyebrows at me and rolling her eyes so I asked her 'are you stealing my boyfriend???' to which she confidently said "oh yes!"...we all thought it was a hoot. Especially if you know this little girl - she belongs on Broadway or a soap opera, seriously. Her mother just laughed when we told her.

I also showed the little girl a photo of ME when I was about her age and said "see, don't I look like you" and she said "well, you USED to be cute" - stared at me a bit, looked at the photo and skipped off.

Well! I never!!!

Wednesday, April 26, 2006

National Administrative Professional's Day AKA Secretaries Day

I think this article is quite funny because I was RIGHT THERE with her until my current job here at the hospital - here they actually REMEMBERED my day and gave me flowers, cards, nice notes and hugs.

This article made me laugh as I read it today...sigh! It reminded me of all those old jobs that I hated so much...and why I LOVE MY JOB now...

I promised photos of the new stuff for the statue, didn't I? Well, pipe down! There a-coming! Film needs to be developed you know!! Sheesh!

Friday, April 14, 2006

What's that? Oh, it's the SUN!! I can't see!!!

First of all, here is my link to my little art now you can leave lovely comments on it too!

Also, if you haven't read a paper or seen the news in forever, you need to be updated on the horrible RAINS we've been having. Like 48 #$%^&*( days of the stuff...ugh!!!

So, imagine my shock when yesterday the SUN actually came out. I thought I was gonna burn my eyeballs off - wow, didn't remember how bright a sun was! LOL!

Yeah, I'm whining - I mean, this isn't normal for around here. IF I truly was 'happy when it rained' (reference to the band Garbage) I'd live in Seattle. Really.

Ugh! So, I'm still in a funk, just got over the tummy flu which was SO much fun, and in the midst of all that, my boss is out of the office AGAIN. No, this isn't a good thing people. We work in tandem, not separate. I need her HERE. However, her Father in Law could die this weekend, so we understand, and miss her dearly here at work.

I'm beginning to FREAK out about the Woodstock statue because, well, it's coming up, however, I do my best work on deadlines. That's why I accidentally booked tickets to return the day AFTER they open up the studios where we'll be doing the statues. Well, it wasn't my fault they decided to open one day prior to what they told me before. Sigh again!!!

So, throwing caution to the wind and knowing that I've got a KILLER team of artists and people who know me and know when I need to CHILL OUT around me for those painting days...I feel better.

Of course, I think I blew this years Lenten Season. Doing it like a nun for the past 5 years took it out of me apparently. Well, I wasn't that good either, and not even close to a nun's Lenten duties, but it was WAY better than the slacking I'm doing now.

I started with such good intentions, as usual - and as usual, learned the valuable lesson and the POINT of Lent - that without God, we can do nothing. Literally. That's a good lesson I think and worth the ups and downs of Lent for me.

I am stopping work today at 3pm - that's a tradition. I've done it on every Good Friday since I can remember. The nuns would line us up at lunch, we'd do confessions and mass and go home at 3pm for some quiet time. Reflection, reading the Bible, gathering up your Operation Rice Bowl offerings for the church on Sunday.

Of course, this Sunday is Palm Sunday for the EO's, and we'll be getting palms from our good friends to replace the tiny little samples of palm leaves that we got last Sunday from the Catholics. Too tiny and I forgot how to braid it into a cross like I did when I was a kid. They all dried out.

JP is happy, it's Easter AND his birthday. Lucky duck!

So, check out the art site for fun, leave a message if you want and look for more updates on the Woodstock and Employee Art Show at the hospital!

I wish everyone a quiet afternoon and Good Friday evening along with a wonderful and hopefully sunny Easter.

He is Risen!

Monday, April 10, 2006

Just saying...

The Republicans in Sonoma County are crazy drivers. There, I've said it.

Keep in mind that I'm not a member of any party thank you very much, but man, I expected more from people with "W" on their cars and all the other anti-democratic stickers on their bumpers.

They cut you off, honk, flip you off (which is really mature) and don't use their lights or signals. NO, the Kerry people can't find the petal to actually MOVE their car, but at least they use signals and are too full of whatever drug to flip you off - they just coast along....

Man, I tried to park at Safeway this morning and this guy with W stickers all over the place suddenly decides to shut off the car (after being there for a while) and jump out of the vehicle - thank goodness I was alert and didn't mow him over. I stopped and waited as he glared at me, grabbed his 'stuff' and slowly got out of the car, closed the door and sauntered into the store. What a gentleman! Thank God I didn't hit him...

Just noticed that those folks with W stickers are a bit nasty all of the sudden, and I don't have any party on my vehicle...not even an NRA sticker.

Maybe that's my problem!!! LOL!

Friday, April 07, 2006

What are they thinking???

Yeah, it's a long URL, but you won't believe what 'all moms to be must have' -- I laughed out loud when I saw this. JEANS for over $200 to wear possibly for a few months?

Uh, yeah, right, that's realistic...and check out the model - is she really prego or is it just a really REALLY skinny prego person?

Sorry, not buying this silly marketing lame can you get?

Well, this ain't a hockey town that's for sure...

...yeah, some idiot wrote a post it note on my Woodstock hockey design in the main design book that actually said "who are the Flyers"???


Okay, we're in California, but COME ON, the LOCAL hockey team is the Santa Rosa Flyers and the actual FLYERS are one of the original six.


That design is still in the 'designs to be chosen' book at the city manager's office and PLEASE dear LORD, don't have anyone pick that one in the next two weeks - I can only do ONE statue!!!

But really...that's stupid! Who are the FLYERS?????????????????????

The Philly Flyers???

That's like the dude at a Sharks VS Canadians game years ago who heard me say "GO HABS!" -- and he actually said "Who the HELL are the Habs?"...this guy claimed to be MR HOCKEY yet he didn't know an ORIGINAL TEAM that has won the most Stanley Cups EVER...


Who are the Habs? Who are the Flyers??? Can they get any more silly???

I mean, if you don't KNOW, then fine, but don't be an idiot and write a post it note on my design!

That would be like saying "who are the Chicago Cubs?"


Thursday, April 06, 2006

The first Woodstock meeting with the artists last night

...Wow! What a mix of artists that we met last night at the first Summer of Woodstock Artist meeting at the Snoopy Museum (not it's official name of course, but what I call it).

The meeting was run by Sparky's son - and the artists who helped out last year for the Charlie Brown statue. One artist did SEVEN statues. Okay, that's NUTS and he admitted it. Of course he's doing a few this year too. Not enough stress I guess.

I got to hold in my little hands a resin statue of Woodstock last night - they changed the design a bit for better balance and to fend off vandals (man, so many vandals last year!!!)'s better than the drawing I think. It's 6 ft tall, has a steel shaft going up the center and looks pretty darn solid.

They went over so many agenda items that my head almost exploded with the reality of the event coming at me at oh, 160MPH. I met Brenda, or Miss W (she's a Woodstock FAN of the highest caliber!) and we had fun chatting about the statue and how our design totally ROCKS! Really, it does...and I'd be the FIRST person to say how my design isn't as good as such and such, but NO, we ROCK this time!

There will be statues for purchasing - little ones too, bronze casted ones, collectors items ones, you name it...they've got it.

More to come when my carpal tunnel syndrome aint acting up so bad.

I was so happy last night that I did the Snoopy HAPPY DANCE all over the front room and made my hubby laugh!

Wednesday, April 05, 2006

Wow, I really messed up my blog!

As Chicago Jen would say, "Crikey!!!" I'm going to have to have her fix it...sigh!

I had to laugh when I read this today...from my favorite new (well, it's old, but new to me) show on TV - Good are some quotes from the host, Alton Brown - just to get you laughing this morning!

"Now, my wife may think she's locked me out of the kitchen, but MacGyver's not my patron saint for nothing!"

To a doctor: "here's an apple, this should keep you away from yourself for at least a day - how do you like them apples???"

"So, on one hand is an amazingly sophisticated and efficient food source. On the other hand, it's bee backwash."

"Of course, we're not going to have any more fresh ingredients because we're all out of hand grenades"