Summer 2012

Summer 2012
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Monday, August 16, 2004

Painting again and the Olympics

Today I finally was able to paint and almost complete a painting in under 2 hours. Amazing! With all the recovery and painkillers that I'm almost off of (well, not Celebrex, but that's a lesser one), I think my 'painting' brain is finally back 'on'.

I think that watching the 2004 Olympics has helped me get back into my art so to speak. It's very motivating watching these very motivated young folks swimming like there is no tomorrow and winning almost every match (the men's team especially).

I missed the Fencing part of the Olympics the other day, but I'm sure they'll be replaying some of the sports on other channels or come out with a video someday. I love Fencing - used to do it, although I wasn't very good at it. They say it's chess for the mind and man, is it ever. I was always physically and mentally pooped after practice. I don't like sparring with guys - only the women, thanks. The last guy I sparred with was my brother in law who thinks he's a Lord of the Rings sabre fighter. Egads! That's a bit much for me, thanks.

Watching Fencing is so cool - it's like ballet mixed with fighting - well, it IS exactly that. I wish I could get back into that again someday (it really keeps one in shape, especially those hard to keep fit places), but first things first.

I'll take the motivation from the Olympics and the slow recovery process from the surgery and from the 'new' disease they found just recently and just get back into painting.

For the next showing/competition, I figured out what I would paint on a large wooden egg (for fun). There's always this breathtaking scene as I'm driving past Petaluma that has rolling hills in a picture perfect format adorned with grapevines. During the sunset, it's fantastic! I've decided to tackle that within the next few weeks.

Now, if I can only figure out how to post photos on here, I'd be able to show you my paintings so you could see what I'm talking about. My friend the photographer is setting up a website for me, but it's still in the talking stages at this point. No hurry!

Monday, August 09, 2004

New Arts Entries for FALL 2004

Here we go again - I'm trying my second showing and contest at the Harvest Fair this time. I'm sure the artists are more 'polished' in this arena, but if I don't try, I'll never find out if I could have won something.

This time, the stakes are higher - not only do you get judged, but ALL the art must be for sale with 15% of the sales price going to the Fair and a good cause. The audience is more mature and well-heeled at times, so possibly someone will like my impressionistic version of where we live.

So far, I've decided to enter one painting that I already have - the boat painting that I didn't turn into the first fair contest but should have. Then, I've got three other paintings to work on plus - get ready to laugh - a decorated egg. Yes, egg! It's wooden and I've had them forever - primed and ready to go, but neve did anything with them. I've always had an idea for one of them of our little white chapel nextdoor on a bright summer night with stars and some flowers around it. Also, the church itself would be illuminated only by the moonlight - with stars in the sky (which we get around here in Summer quite well).

A friend of mine from the Republic of Georgia will be turning in her mixed media abstracts - she's a pro, and is certain to win! We are planning to go to the art auction - a fancy get together with all the artists to see who wants our artworks.

Boy, I've got some painting to do.

Sunday, August 08, 2004

An old lady thing

Today I went to church (feels like forever since I've been) and those who wanted to know where I've been, etc. and what illness I have got an earful. When I told them about IC, they said "that's an old lady thing" -- I had to laugh. I've always felt like an old lady! Really, when I'm 80 I'll feel just right.

It's not so bad being an old lady, but I hope to get back my health and toned up again so that I'll make it to 80 years old and that when I do, I'll be rather active - painting, teaching and having fun!

Thursday, August 05, 2004

Recovering from Surgery and a NEW issue has arrived on the scene

Nothing has been really going on as of late. Just me recovering from my Endo surgery very s l o w l y. It's funny how as you age your brain just thinks you're younger than you actually are. I'm only in my thirties and am just figuring this out now. Don't get me wrong, I love being in my thirties - I'm one of those people who always thought I would be happier being OLDER believe it or not. So, here I am as a bit older and although my health isn't happier, I am. Strange.

Yesterday I participated in a pelvic pain research program with one of my doctors who's known me for about four years. Oddly enough they found out that I have IC - a strange problem that apparently I've had forever and just found out about. My bladder just doesn't have a protective liner - it sounds silly but trust me, it's not fun to have. I thought it was just me - or thought all gals went through this, but no. I also found out that ladies with Endo sometimes have this problem as well. I'm happy about the find because I now know what's wrong with me. So liberating! Now I can DO something positive about it!

The research project is funded by Ortho-McNeil Pharm. Labs and they're really together on this drug treatment that helps my 'new' problem. I like the new treatments and can't believe I'm so lucky (no, BLESSED) to have this opportunity! I'd like to spread the word to as many people as possible (men and children can get this IC thing too by the way).

If I can help people NOT SUFFER in some little way, then that's such a blessing for me. Some folks think it's strange that I talk about my health so openly, but why not? Helping anyone is better than keeping everything to myself. Knowledge is power.