Summer 2012

Summer 2012
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Monday, July 26, 2010

Every two years, needed or not...

We move every two years, I believe.  We don't like to move, but it seems that it happens to us a lot.  We move because we relocated.  We moved because we thought it would be fun to live in a converted chicken house (not kidding).  We moved because we liked the last house we were in better, and moved back.  We moved again, then again as a favor to our landlords.  This weekend, we moved because if I didn't have a garage and a larger house I was going to go nuts.  Literally.

So, this time it's all my fault and I'm so happy about it!  Now, I have a two car garage for my 'studio' for my artwork.  Thank the Lord in heaven!  Now I have my own bathroom - well, I must share with the hubby, but no more KIDS and visitors in my freaking bathroom.  I can leave out things - like makeup, drying bras, etc.  I don't have to hide everything each time I'm using the bathroom for fear that the neighbor's kids may see something and report it to their parents.  "MOM!  Did you know that JP's mom has three RED BRAS and one has flowers on it?"  Yeah, that's all I need.

My son has his OWN bathroom, toilet, bathtub/shower and HUGE sink and vanity area.  That's enough for me to jump up and down in pure joy!  Amen!!!

My hubby and I have our own den (he works at home a lot and needs it) so I'm not shuffling my papers and PC all over the house each time someone wants to eat at the kitchen table.  The best part is that my room is upstairs - away from the horrible television.  Can't get rid of that TV, but I can banish it to another part of the house - another reason for JOY!

So, even though I'm surrounded by boxes, turned over boxes, stuff everywhere and more waiting for me in the garage, I'm happy sitting on my floor in my room tonight typing this.  I will miss my heirloom tomatoes that I planted months ago, but I'm sure the new neighbors at my 'old' place will share. 

Back to it!

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